Disability Access Statement

The Mounts are committed to providing an inclusive environment for everyone both registered and visiting the practice.

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA - 1995)

The DDA makes it unlawful to treat disabled people less favourably in employment opportunities, education, transport and in the provision of services, goods and facilities without lawful justification.

It requires service providers to make a range of reasonable adjustments in the way they provide services for disabled customers. From October 1st 2004, service providers must have taken reasonable steps to overcome any physical barriers which continue to make their services unusable for disabled people.


We provide 2 disabled parking spaces that are close to the front door, with wide bays for easier access.

Please call 01604 632117 and ask reception to open the barrier.

Entering the Building

The front doors and internal door are both automated and open when approached from either side 

Reception Desk

We provide the use of a hearing loops at the reception desk. Sign Languages and Makaton Cards are available and interpreters can be available by prior arrangement.

Waiting Room

The waiting room is large and has lots of space for patients in wheelchairs or walkers. The 2 caller displays are centralised at the front and side of the room to make them easy to see.

Patients that are deaf or blind will be called by the clinician who will be alerted to your condition automatically. Alternatively ask reception to assist you to the correct room.

Consulting Rooms

All consulting rooms on the ground floor are adequate for wheelchairs, if your clinician is in a room upstairs we will arrange for your clinician to see you on the ground floor.


The Mounts Medical Centre has disabled toilets on the ground floor.

Please feel free to make any comments or suggestion to help us improve our disability access and further meet the needs of the whole community by emailing us at themounts.k83025@nhs.net or by speaking to our reception team.